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Commercial Property Conversions

Glenn Delve has written an Amazon bestselling book, to give any aspiring property developer a blueprint for success. Co-authored by Mark Homer, Glenn has literally written the book on how to profitably convert commercial property to residential units.


Recognizing the importance of a simple guide for aspiring developers, Glenn wanted to provide an informative and enjoyable resource for novice and experienced property developers, providing a solid base of learning and understanding of this niche area of property development in the UK.

Learn how to:


How to select the ideal commercial property.


Learn how to secure investors and get the backing needed to take on your endeavors.


Ensure your re-design of an existing building facilitates the provision of quality housing whilst maximizing returns.


How to take your profits and roll them over to increase your portfolio.

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Readers say

Amazon Customer Reviews

This book has some golden nuggets for anyone looking to get into commercial conversions and to do it on a larger scale.


Highly respected property developers and trainers, both Glenn and Mark share their experiences and more importantly systems for you to use and model.

G Singh

Great book – The authors come at commercial conversions from two different points of view (sell vs hold) and it’s very useful to see both sides of the coin. Covers the process from finding through to sale.


A must read if you want to get involved with this powerful property strategy.

David Bailey

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