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Glenn Delve

Never afraid of hard graft, he is constantly balancing the drive of running a business he is passionate about, and spending time with the family he loves, and pursuing his preferred hobbies of golf, sailing and skiing.


Developing Property since 2013

From being £140,000 in debt, to owning and running a significant property development business with developments across the south of England, Glenn has experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and business.


Like any new developer, he dipped his toe into converting commercial space to residential units, by starting small. He began with smaller schemes of circa 4-12 apartments, proving the model to banks and investors, first. Gradually, he scaled the size of the developments to now undertaking developments of up to 95 apartments.


Working with many investors, numerous banks and across the south of England, it has taken courage, hard work and problem solving to build a business that makes a real contribution to solving the UK housing crisis.

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Glenn Delve splits his time as MD of Ocea Group with being a prominent speaker and mentor. He has founded the Take AIM mentorship programme, structured to help other aspiring property developers touch success.


Glenn would not be where he is today without a mentor of his own. He understands the importance of paying it forward, and is ready to help wherever he can.

Mired in £140,000 of debt and wondering how to get out of the hole he had dug himself, Glenn left the corporate world and turned to property.

Glenn took action after hearing a life-changing webinar by Rob Moore of Progressive Property, that suggested a model of doing larger deals to make bigger profits.

He started to convert commercial property, principally offices, to residential units and generated the cash flow he needed to pay off his debts, rebuild his financial base and provide security for his family.

Through his early adoption of Prior Approval, Glenn became one of the leading UK authorities on Prior Approval Commercial Conversions.

Glenn established the Take AIM mentorship programme.

Glenn co-authored the Amazon best-selling guidebook “Commercial Property Conversions: Profit From Turning Commercial Property Into Residential Goldmines’.

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